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Note. Be sure to download the function license for SMPP to the 2N gateway. This is a license sold in a pack of 10 (Your users can spend money on licenses for 10, 20, 30, etc. users) and you can have up to 200 users per license. If you want to check if you have downloaded the right license to your Go Gateway, click “Administration Licenses -> Keys”. It would not hurt to see the SMSS licenses and the current line “Active” in smsux. SMSS indicates that the SMPP feature is a leased number and SMSUx indicates licensed subscribers, where x represents that number Below) (see photo. If there is no license for To(smss)smpp, not everyone will see the “Messaging” tab at the top of the top bar src=”/download/attachments/40339849/proedit!

Gateway Configuration

Authorization Of Functions And Grouping Of Modules

In the first step, the section -> “Message grouping modules” is like and you should enable the server – sms, check the appropriate box. Then add GSM modules for SMS grouping to facilitate incoming/outgoing SMS routing. for human needs, for example. via GSM, etc. provider. The last step related to this section is to assign the SMS groups created in the previous company to user groups if most people want to use different routing rules when exchanging (for example, messages to different website services). The GSM gateway can stop up to 32 individual groups of users and up to 32 groups of people sending SMS (4 for small gateways – VoiceBlue bri, Next, VoiceBlue Max)

Note. You can also read enable AutoCLIP cards for SMS in this skill area. Set the maximum time for which an automatic SMS card reading (response) is stored in any AutoCLIP table. This means that shortly after sending an e-mail to a certain GSM number, and the user replieswhile the call is long after the time, you can send it and send SMS to the SIM card inserted in the GSM module, I would say that the email has been sent. and earlier, then a telephone message. It is sent automatically to the user who sent a valid email address.

What are the errors in Windows 10?

The device or (driver software that runs the device) on may fail. programs,
An installation that does not work with your current version of Windows. Hardware or software
software problem with PC memory.
Installing a faulty Windows 10 update.

Note. Now you can also specify the timeout for one of the messages. If the SMS message is not sent, it can be received but not read, or the message if the DLR was and received unread, the person can specify after what time to delete SMS messages from the gateway database.

Add Next

As a custom step, you need to go to the “Mail Users” section -> click the “Add” button and create new SMS users who will send and receive SMS digests. There are several settings in this section, which are usually combined. should.

  • User Group: Assign a User User Group
  • Access Type: Select the communication protocol for processing SMS messages SMPP (SMSC)
  • < li>Username and Password: SetEnter a login name and password that the SMPP server can use to connect to the gateway

  • TCP Type: Set as server
  • Esme directive: Set now, enter this parameter as a transceiver< /li>< /str>

    You can see all the settings of this section in the image in the following sections, where the user “Logica” was created with the login and “logica” changed to “logica”. Once you have completed all the instructions, click on the “OK” button. The user will be added accordingly, after that you will need to add a specific person by clicking “Save settings” in the lower right corner of the blue page (circled on the disc label in the image).

    Inbound Routing

    Define sms now incoming SMS forwarding rules – this is done via the “Messages -> User Group -> Incoming SMS Forwarding” menu, where you click on the “Add” button. You can set up multiple areas or (see image below). The three most important:

    • Group SMS message. Select all SMS groups that will receive the SMS message type.
    • Specify how incoming messages should be handled Messages. You can set them to AutoCLIP routing Incoming SMS (will be routed based on AutoCLIP bed entries), Send SMS to user (then possibly delivered to the preferred user), or Drop SMS (will be deleted).
    • Delivery to user – This field is only available if you selected “Deliver to user” directly in the previous step. This determines which user will receive the SMS.

    What do you mean by error window?

    An error message is information that appears when an unexpected problem occurs, usually available on a computer or other device. In modern operating systems with a website graphical user interface, error messages are often found through dialog boxes.

    Note. Managed rules are designed for sequentially incoming sms messages starting from the first rule. If most of the rules are met in a short time, the given SMS will be forwarded according to the line.

    1. SMS are forwarded directly so you can have a user account with
      In the image you can see that every SMS received on the GSM devices is assigned to an SMS group (in our case that’s all you need) necessary). see modules, gsm) are routed directly to the “Logic” user. Does it mean that you are initially sending SMS to SIM cards inserted in the gateway, this SMS is converted SMPP message to and sentdirectly to your saved less smpp server than this account. You can also specify a peak listening time to flag it when the key facts routing rule is active. Once someone finishes setting up, click the “OK” button, then click the “Save Settings” button at the top. forwarded =1&modificationdate=1413328069647&api=v2″>
    2. sms, according to the AutoCLIP forwarding table
      Sometimes it is not desirable to send all received SMS messages to a male or female wife, but you can request it. Finally, SMS -messages are sent based on entries in the AutoCLIP routing table.Only if there is no entry in the table for the message to come to you.You can also forward the message to a specific user.The setting is displayed in – 2N-Gateway first tries to send an SMS message based on reading the AutoCLIP card, if and there is no confirmation of the incoming GSM number, each SMS message is sent to the administrator’s email address.

      Extraordinary Routing Jpg?version=1&modificationdate=1381859652903&api=v2″ SMS

      How do I fix Windows errors?

      Make sure this device has enough storage space.
      Run Windows updates every few days.
      Make sure vehicle owners and third parties download all updates.
      Disable free hardware.
      Check Device Managerfor errors.
      Uninstall third party security software.
      Fix disk errors.
      Make a clean Windows machine.

      Instead of this, the followingNext, you need to set forwarding rules for outgoing SMS – this is done in our menu “Messages -> User Group -> Outgoing SMS Routing”, where you will return to the “Add” button. This key fact section basically defines the following important parameters:

      • Message to SMS group – SMS group through which outgoing sms will be routed securely
      • Specify the type of action – how this outgoing sms should be handled. You can choose two options: From user (Only certain users can send SMS) From all users (Send SMS – Enable SMS publishing for all users).
      • < li>Send by user – select a user who can send SMS (used, only if “Send from user” is selected)

      Note: Don’t forget to enable the SMS server as shown in the preparation step (almost all checkboxes are there)!

      How to connect Logica SMPP server