I recently had a problem deleting a directory in Windows 10. Apparently I didn’t have the necessary write permissions. I first tried to remove the file checker from the folder, but it gave me a connection refused error. Then I tried to come from the command line with this suggestion for rmdir c:Windows.old /s but it gave me the same error…

How do I turn off Hypervisorlaunchtype?

Open a command prompt window as administrator
Run bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off to disable the hypervisor. After running the commands and changing the system, close the command prompt.


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If your site is running Hyper-V in a running cluster (otherwise I haven’t tried that device), you’ll get an error shortly after you try to run a real checkpoint on a virtual machine: Attempting to run a year there was an error checking specially selected virtual machines. Poor operation of the checkpoint. Failed to create checkpoint. The reason for this error is that your hard drives…


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If you’ve run out of disk space on your computer and you’re probably wondering Hyper Tutorials much it’s taking up, there’s a tool that can help you quickly see tons of folders. o is called Treesize and is very easy to use. Download from their website and download. If you choose Windows 10, you may get a clear warning…


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Computer virtualization is quite common these days. Even people who are not technically savvy usually use virtualization platforms such as VirtualBox, Microsoft VMware, Virtual PC, and others to run multiple operating systems on their computers. Mac users are doing an amazing job as many applications are not available for Mac. VirtualBox is the most popular virtualizer for standalone users. In this tutorial, I might show…


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If you’re browsing the site and come across directories that look like this: the directory file is enabled on your web server. I believe the Ubuntu list web directory is enabled by default when we install apache. I don’t know if this is included because non-payment may bea security problem and slow down the domain server…


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Some, like myself, who wrote this article earlier, feel that it is worth upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Windows 3, or Windows 8.1. My opinion was that if you are currently using one of these operating systems, you should upgrade to it. Please note the following before upgrading: Free upgrade to Windows 10 is only possible with…

How do I fix failed to load hypervisor?

Check why virtualization is enabled in the BIOS.
Update your BIOS.
Update your drivers to the latest version.
Reinstall the HyperV feature.
Uninstall problematic updates.
Use the bcdedit command.
Use the DISM command.
Check if your processor supports virtualization.


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I just reinstalled Windows 7 on one of my old computers, and for some reason most of the Windows update tools were getting stuck when checking for updates outside business hours. I restarted my computer at best, hoping it would probably speed up the process, but not for nothing. It looks like the tool has picked up where it left off. I…


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Ifand you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering when to upgrade to Windows 10? After all, the Windows-related version you’re currently using works fine, so that’s a reason to upgrade, right? As the saying goes, why fix something if it doesn’t break. I started turning ten windows on and off since then…

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I use Ubuntu on my computer, at work and at home. Sometimes I like to watch live TV like “History” or “CNN” in the options browser, but in Ubuntu when I tried it, it seemed impossible. But after a few minutes of googling, I was ready to make it work. Here are some ways you should do…

How do I fix Hyper-V?

Start the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service and you should see my list of your virtual machines, as well as the backup status of any new problematic virtual machines. Restarting these Hyper-V services should resolve our issue.


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Worried about sending files to cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive? Want to host your own DropBox style files? If that’s why you’re reading this article, then glad to hear you can! yes, and besides, itit’s not so difficult, you don’t have to be a technical guru, just read …


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