Star The Wars Old Republic is one of the most popular games of the moment, with many players, all of whom die at the age of 50. However, many players in the game did experience lag, high ping, and other such issues when trying to play online, and these have been altered by this and many other very related issues. Lag /p>

Star Wars: The Old Republic Impressions?

These users have reported what happened to them on various community forums, as well as official game service stations. Worst of all, neither the developers nor Bioware know the true cause of the problem, and many of these users are left searching for a proper solution to this problem.

This guide will offer people some of the fixes you can try to fix the Star Wars: The Old Republic lag, and finally give you a bettersome tweaks and fixes to try and fix the problem with the idea for good.


The first step in this situation is to make sure your computer meets the game’s official system requirements. Gamers often overlook these requirements and end up figuring out why they linger in Star Wars The Republic old. The system requirements for the video game are as follows:

You should make sure your current version meets all of these system requirements, and upgrade some computers if it doesn’t. Ideally, this will permanently eliminate the lag and abnormal ping of Star Wars The Republic old.

Graphics Settings

If you can’t update your computer at the moment, you can now tweak the game’s graphics and see if your problem is really solved. A screenshot with the graphic settings of any game can be used below:

You should start by practically reducing these settings to the lowest possible values, and then see if the lag behind Wars The Republic old movie stars disappears. Then run in trick settingsand find the best location for your computer. This should permanently fix Star The Conflicts Old Republic lag

Reinstall And Update The Game

The next thing you should do when trying to fix this problem is to significantly uninstall the game and launcher, sound, and then reinstall it from scratch. While this may seem like a very cumbersome and unnecessary step, many people have only been able to fix old Star Wars Republic the lags by reinstalling the game, no doubt installed by the developers and the latest update, which ensures you know and get everything. bug fixes.

Internet Connection Requirements

Why is my Ping so high on my PC?

Thus, to fix the high ping issue on Windows, PS4 and Xbox, you need to remove all additional devices marked Wifi. Sometimes programming the firewall’s antivirus software, or the one installed on your computer, causes problems with optimal ping.

If you’re playing Star Wars The Republic, make sure you have a decent internet connection. This can be one of the main requirements when playing online and you need to make sure you have download and purchase speeds of at least 4MB/s. You must also ensure that there are no other products or programs on your network that can use the Internet.But then when you play online games, now the problems with latency and high ping appear there when it comes to monopolization. Other devices. use of your transmissions over the Internet. Should help you finally eliminate the fall in the game.

Wired Internet Connection

Another common mistake many people make when trying to fix Star Wars The Old Republic lag is using a standard internet connection for online games. A wireless Internet connection is subject to latency, packet loss, and the fact that it is carried over radio waves, and it simply cannot match the value of a wired Internet connection.

This is the real reason you need to make sure someone is using a wired internet connection when they play online, and it should really help you fix the Star Conflicts the Old Republic lag for good.

Use Player Network

Many people have long been able to solve this and other related problems using a private gaming network such as Like Kill Ping. holiday server schedules, as efficiently as possible, results in your main latency and high ping. the problems become more and more constant. Kill ensures that your ping to the action server is as low as possible and allows you to bypass any configuration errors made by your ISP.

Because Kill Ping has been able to fix Star The Conflicts Old Republic lag for fighters lately, as well as fix some other related issues, actually try Kill Ping to see if your issue is resolved. Kill Ping can be downloaded for free Color=”#ff6600″>

It is said that your computer’s ability to send and receive signals over the Internet is more than effective, ping speed. When non-web games respond quickly to your real commands or web pages don’t load, you can experience terribly high ping. To get a seamless and responsive gaming experience, you probably need to know how to fix high header ping and get your system up and running.


Like Ping Andfix Common Router Problems

How do I fix bad ping on my computer?

Close background programs and schedules.
Temporarily disable updates.
UseUse an efficient Ethernet cable.
Delete other personals from the network device.
Check the named game server Ping.
Successfully select the nearest one game server to you.
Adjust the frame rate.
Update your router.

Your computer’s ping may be broken until it is securely connected to your router. These steps will show you how to ping them with a high header and fix the issue:

  1. Move the computer closer to the router, or connect the device with a different Ethernet cable.

  2. How do I fix my 400 ping?

    Check your internet speed, reduce to lag.
    check your router settings.
    Reduce the ping on the ethernet connection.
    Close all background applications that are using internet bandwidth.

    Disable other devices that may be using the Internet.

  3. restart the new router.

How To Reduce Ping Using Task Manager

Task Manager in Windows 10 allows you to see which programs are using a lot of traffic. By using the Task Manager to identify and close this software, callers can significantly reduce the speed of the ping. Ctrl+Alt+Delete,

  1. Click then select Task Manager.

    You can also directly press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the confidential task manager. More

  2. select to details, expand task manager.

  3. How to lower ping time in Windows 11 and fix FPS?

    In addition to cleaning and optimizing your PC, BoostSpeed ​​protects privacy, diagnoses hardware issues, gives speed boost tips, and activates over 20 tools to meet most maintenance and PC maintenance needs. It’s specifically designed to reduce game ping times by 11 windows and fix FPS complication. Also, you can use Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​for more speedy control of your system.

    Task Manager’s network order displays the application’s bandwidth usage in descending order from highest to lowest. Right-click a process and select End Task to compare all applications using unnecessary bandwidth.

    Be sure to end all processes defined by system processes.


Windows Automatic Update Settings To Reduce Ping Speed

Windows is loading progress and can slow down your system’s ping level. Because Ne windows automatic updates can’t be stopped once they’ve started, they can easily disrupt your gaming experience. Luckily, you can change some Windows 10 settings and decide how much bandwidth you use for downloads.

  1. Select Settings > Update & Security to update.

  2. Select More options.

  3. Select Delivery Optimization.

  4. Select More options. You

  5. Use the slider first Reducing the percentage of download data to the last 10%. This setting should allow you to access the game without any interruption while your system is undoubtedly updated.

    How to Fix High Ping in Windows 10