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Download this article to learn how to use the Xbox Stereo On Headset with the powerful Xbox One console system. The stereo headset comes with a board to connect the One La controller to an Xbox connected at the bottom. If One xbox controller has not been updated, you must update it before continuing.Aria-label=”Link [1]

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    Turn on the console and system controllers. More importantly, you turn on the system to speed up the headset pairing process.

  2. 2

    Connect the headset adapter to each of our controllers. To do this,

    insert the rectangular adapter into the proxy port at the bottom of each controller.


    • If you are using a non-Microsoft typeface, follow the strategy instructions that came with the typeface. 3″>[ 3]


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    How do I fix Windows BIOS?

    use advanced launch options
    Press f8 until the Windows 7 logo appears. From the Advanced Boot Options menu, select All Recovery Computer Options. Press Enter. Recovery System Settings should be available now.

    Connect the sound in headphones from a special connection adapter. The audio jack fits snugly into the 3.5mm diameter round hole at the bottom of the adapter part.

  4. 4

    Update the controller firmware. Before

    you can start playing, you must update the controller firmware while a stereo headset is connected. This ensures that the headset and media receive all important updates.


    Follow these strategies to update your controller right away:

  5. Press the Xbox button on your controller and select System.
  6. Select Kinect and Devices.
  7. Select Devices and accessories.
  8. Select your controller associated with device information.
  9. Check the current firmware version and click Next to start the upgrade. Positive.


connect the headset adapter to the controller.
You will

do this to connect the adapter to the square expansion slot on the floor of the controllers.Aria-label=”Link


  • If you are using a compatible headset, often a non-Microsoft one, carefully follow the instructions that came with your family headset.[ 3]

They usually update the controller firmware.

Before you can start playing an MMORPG, you need to update your controller’s desktop tools while your wireless stereo headset is on. This ensures that our headset and controller receive the most important updates needed. on


  • Press the Xbox button on your controller, select System.
  • Select Kinect and Devices.
  • Select Devices and accessories.
  • Select Controller, Device Information.
  • Check the general firmware version and click next to start the upgrade.
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      Adjust the overall game/chat audio balance.

      On the left next to the headset adapter, you’ll see two buttons, one with a game-driven (Game Audio) icon and the other with an outline. Chat Audio). These buttons control the ratio between game audio and live chat audio coming from the headphones. Default By is set to 50/50.


    2. Press the game sound button in the software to amplify the sound according to the real game.
    3. click on the audio chat option, amplify to chat sounds.normal
    4. push the material as needed until you find the right ratio. Name=”step_2_2″>
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    adjust the headphone volume. You can use the up and down buttons on the top of the adapter to adjust the volume. These are prime numbers (for + louder) and (for -)?).

  • 3

    Press the on/off button for mime microphone.

    It sits exactly in the middle of the headphone adapter and looks like the last one with a single line microphone by this method. Of course, if the microphone is muted, his voice will be heard in the queue first in the game.microphone

    • When disabled, the orange LED on the adapter lights up.


  • Adjust sound balance in game/chat.left

    On the side of the headset adapter, you’ll see two buttons, one with a game controller icon (game audio) and one with a brief description of the person (chat audio). These control buttons determine the ratio of controls and smart chat sounds coming from the headphones in-game. The default ratio is 50/50.


  • Press, as you can see, the sound button in the game to increase the actual volume of the game.
  • Press the sound button often to chat, amplify their auxiliary sounds.
  • Press the keys as needed until you find the right mechanism.
  • Press the main mute button to mute/unmute the microphone.

    It sits in the middle of most headphone adapters and looks like a microphone with a cord next to it. If the microphone is moderated, no one in the game will read your voice.

    • When disabled, the microphone on the adapter may turn orange.
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      Disable name=”step_3_1″> and get a headphone adapter and. Make sure all connections are secure and recheck your headset.

    2. what


      Make sure the helmet is not soft. If other people can’t hear you chat, mute them and permanently enable the headset adapter to make sure your audio isn’t muted unexpectedly.

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      Insert new batteries name=”step_3_3″> according to your controller. When wouldYour controller’s batteries are empty, you usually have problems with stereo and microphone levels. This can happen when all controllers seem to work fine, even in game.

    4. use


      Try the headphones on another device. If your headphones work on your computer or other system, the problem is likely with the controller and not with the headphones.


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    4. Update the firmware.
    5. Adjust the volume on the adapter.

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