I’m trying to install The Sims Late 3 night. This allows me to type all the code, but as soon as it starts installing on all computers, I get this error:

What does this really mean and how can I fixyournet.org it? ! problem please! mailimad:

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Hey! So I bought the Late Night Growth Pack in the downloadable version. It loads fine on my computer, but shortly after trying to install it, I get a message that I just need to update my version of The Sims 3 via the launcher. .I .did .that .but .I .still .selected .those .messages….any tech support could tell me to remove all my previous extensions which included the original 3 sims and the relocation factor. .so .am .am .about .doing .this …..if it works, not I’ll check instead…haha Alt=”:)”

This is the biggest Mac/Sims 3 issue so far, except for the graphics card being unsupported, which EA has NOT fixed yet, as they have been running for almost 4 years…

An unknown bug will most likely cause Late Lane/Outdoor night/ambitions/fast Living magic to be confused trying to deploy it on a Mac running macOS 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra, or 10.13 High Sierra. Everything is very simple. We had a great thread on AHQ where people post about it, and yesterday a very cool person named corey_0414 posted a solution that actually works (show the dog some love when it works, which is what it was designed from 💚 for). Can you find it here instructions. You should also check out the packs they show up in your Applications > Sims the 3 folder. If not, follow these instructions to move the appropriate files.

Edit: corey_0414 has uploaded an extremely helpful video explaining the fix:

Edit: Recently I need to clarify one thing: our unknown error issue is very specific to El Capitan/Sierra/High to Sierra/Late Lane/Outdoor night/ambition/fast life, there are many second reasons why you may with an unknown error problem. If no one has one of these operating systems or packages installed, don’t ask me for help on this page because it doesn’t matter. There have always been barriers to running a Mac game on and if you have an Intel/AMD graphics not supported by Macs after 2013 the game is technically unusable so it would be a miracle if the game actually worked well.

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When I try to install 3 sims late at night, I get an error: “This product requires a critical copy of 3 sims. Please download 3 SIM cards before installing this product.”

Uninstall and then reinstall.

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When I try to install The Sims Late 3 times, I get an error: “This requires a patched copy of The Sims 3. Please install The Sims before installing a specific product.”

Game Bug Fixes And Common Troubleshooting Guides

This section of the manual is a pertinent compilation of the information contained in our Technical Support Matrix. I have presented in his manual to make it visible to the best readers. We only provide background information about The Sims 3 and Beyond expansions. We can also help you with common problems. You will find guides on issues such as help.


Backup Restore
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this is just about every great article that teaches customers how to back up anything: their own backups, user backups.Russian content and almost any other downloads. In addition, this situation is also related to the search for information. If you’re on Windows and don’t have a good PC system, this comprehensive help might be for you. You don’t have to lose your data!

Housekeeping Guide: Changing Households and Moving Sims in and out of a House
The guide contains information about the various options for moving Sims in and out of a Sims 3 home, moving to a different cabin, and related options. Ways to change family health, To play games with owners, switch between them several times at will with Edit City.

Install and Reinstall
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I used the uninstall information for The Sims 3 Craft which can be a quick guide to installing it. So this page takes care of both. If your game is not completely uninstalled from the control panel and you also need to reinstall it via the Internet, you can use this guide to remove the necessary reports yourself.

Computer won’t connect to internet [SOLVED]