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Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats are very gentle and calm, and have immense confidence in the owners, hence the name "Ragdoll"

Ragdoll cats are very gentle and calm, and have immense confidence in the owners, hence the name "Ragdoll". Ragdoll of the Persian cat has inherited a strong body structure and peaceful karkakter and excellent adaptation to life in an apartment. Since the Birman inherited the pointed markings on head and legs and tail. There are many stories about this race. Gladly recounts that the mother Ragdolls in high pregnancy hit by a car. The cat survived, but was changed character of. She became very mile temper, and her body limp like a rag doll when someone picked up. Kittens that gave birth to have inherited this character. Of course this is just a fairy tale. Ragdoll cats are characterized by gentleness and stillness, and the immense trust in the owner. It is believed that these cats have a high threshold of pain relief, because their way of relaxing. But this is not true and can be fatal to a cat. They are very sensitive to pain are just by nature peaceful listening skills and more resistant to stress. The reason for their complete relaxation in the hands of the owner lies in their great trust in the owner, not the genetic mutation. This delicate and elegant society is like pussy, and enjoy the pampering and combing, curious and interested in everything going on around her.

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