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Cat Diseases

The unusual behavior of cats, unfortunately, can often be a sign that something is wrong Mac

The unusual behavior of cats, unfortunately, can often be a sign that something is wrong Mac. In fact, some cat owners sometimes perceive that their behavior has changed sweetheart, it has become withdrawn, hiding, running away from guests, it is no longer wants to play, or that he became nervous, standoffish or even aggressive. Experts say that cats, just like humans, are subject to stress. Feline phobias, depression, fear and sadness until recently were not part of conventional veterinary medicine. But in recent years, individuals and the problems of our sweetheart devote more attention. In addition to these psychological problems caused by different situations and fears, cats show the same signs of senility and dementia as well as people. If the cat can not sleep or relax, it means that peaked in the final stage of feline anxiety. The disease is difficult to diagnose and some of the symptoms are increased or, more likely, decreased appetite, irritability, exhaustion or excessive attachment to family members.

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