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Pets - dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs. Read about training for dogs, treatment of animals, haircut dogs, allergy on cats.


Bathing a dog

Shampoo for "dry cleaning" is great for removing impurities in this cold period. Apply by spray, diluted ...

BATH PSA is important to use a shampoo for dogs, not human. Inadequate washing shampoo will remove normal fat from the skin, the skin becomes dry, lightly smashed, and cracks can rally the various bacteria and other parasites. The body sometimes tries to compensate for the lost fat and fix the resulting situation, and the sebaceous glands begin to excrete the excess amount of sebum. Washing, we then achieve the opposite effect, instead of removing the smell of dog tallow and remove dirt, inadequate preparations can cause other health problems. It is practical to use the so-called. shampoo for dry cleaning. Shampoo for "dry cleaning" is great for removing impurities in this cold period. Apply by spray, diluted. This shampoo effectively cleanses apart, also sanitize and regenerate hair. Suitable for all hair types and diluted našprica the hair and then thoroughly rubbed dry with a towel. Depending on the breed and hair length that has to judge whether you will need later only raščešljati coat or both are dry and hair dryer. Demanding hair we need to know to protect them during the cold. For this there are various creams and sprays, so called. Coat Protector to further nourish and preserve the hair. It is used when necessary to further treat the hair and nourish it in order to preserve the negative impact of health care caused by winter conditions. Contain the ideal combination of maximum oil moisturises and nourishes.

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