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Pets - dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs. Read about training for dogs, treatment of animals, haircut dogs, allergy on cats.


Rabbits diets

The hay should be given to them by the smallest foot, ie from the moment you begin to feed herself. Rabbits very loved and fruit ...

NUTRITION RABBIT should consist of fresh hay (mixed variety of grasses, alfalfa, cat tails, or oats), fresh vegetables and herbs such as carrot (leaves-that root only in small quantities because a lot of sugar and carbohydrates), parsley, alfalfa , basil, mint, leaves, broccoli, dandelion flowers and leaves, the outer (darker) leaves of endive salad (green salad the other does not), kale, chard, young wheat and in the end, of a quality seed mix that can be purchased at almost all pet shops . Everything does not fall within the above should be considered as "treats" that are given in limited quantities. Do not over do it with fresh fruit and vegetables, because excessive amounts can lead to loose stools and diarrhea - the danger of dehydration. Fresh, clean water should always be dostupna.Sijeno them is extremely important for better digestion. For this purpose, are useful and youth neprskane twigs of fruit trees apple and hazelnut, which also serve as a good "grinds" for fast-growing teeth of rabbits. You should allow them a day of hay in unlimited quantities. It is best mixed hay of various herbs or what the kittens (cat tails). The hay should be given to them by the smallest foot, ie from the moment you begin to feed herself. Rabbits very loved and fruit. It can serve as a dessert, but in small quantities due to the high concentration of sugar, as well as possible disruption bakterijeske balance within the digestive system. One or two small kriškice day are quite sufficient. Especially like apples, pears and bananas. Suitable and oranges (including peel), peaches, pineapples, plums, apples, blueberries ... It is important that whatever you give them be well washed and dried. Almost all rabbits "crazy" for a sweet and can smell a biscuit or chocolate from adjoining rooms. Giving candy certainly should be avoided because it can do serious, even fatal consequences of their small body.

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