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How to choose a dog

The dog must first learn that you have the power to govern over them, and that it will lead to discomfort or pain ...

Recently one of my neighbor, very quiet middle-aged man who had never had a dog, bought a Rottweiler. The first thing I noticed was that the puppy is not encouraged to play with other dogs, but I thought it might not be sociable, so it is not to hang out with us. After a while the puppy began to take on a leash. Mali is a string pulled, her bite is doing what puppies do before they get used to walking politely. Its been a while, a dog began to pull, strain and twist his boss. Then I got worried and wondered how this dear, gentle, gentleman raise the dog. No, I thought, will pay dressage and everything will be fine. But now our recent casual encounter shocked. Specifically, the dog has grown and beautiful, but it started to cut and haul as soon as the boss at a distance of twenty feet he saw my bitch. I am, of course, withdrew to the other side of the street and again accidentally met a neighbor who has a "Grandad" of 14 years, beloved dog Nero. She complained that it had a "close encounter" with the aforementioned dog and, of course, the owner. The Lord was scared and confused, he was totally unprepared for the reaction of your dog during the encounter with other males. His dog is actually his leader, he is the alpha ... People often make mistakes in choosing a breed, are not aware of what they are getting into when you find a home for a small, cute puppy pit bull, staforda, Rottweiler, Belgian Sheepdogs, and most breeds of dogs that we call for safekeeping. Regardless of the reasons why nabavljate particular breed to the dog had a good relationship, you will need to gain his trust and respect. You will, not your dog to take the role of the leader of the pack if you want the puppy to develop into a decent family member instead of a big concern. Dominance and alpha behavior are very important elements of dog psychology that every owner should understand. First of all, dogs are animals, not humans, though we sometimes like to sew human qualities. By their nature are animals that live in packs. Each pack has a leader, so called. alpha individual who dominates and leads the other members. Alfa is the "boss", that makes all the decisions for the rest of the pack. The pack is usually the alpha male and alpha female. Other members of the hierarchy are based on domination and subordination, "social" organization where everyone knows their place. In your home, your family and you become the dog pack. If you have several dogs, all basically remains the same - the other dogs will be placed in a hierarchy. For you to set yourself in the position of alpha individuals. If that fails, your dog will by their nature are to take place. Many people find that they are in that position automatically because people are superior beings from animals. But ... Are you really the pack leader? Does your dog to? The role of pack leader does not mean you have to be big and aggressive. None means that it is inevitable that there is a "mental" conflict from which you will emerge as the winner. Anyone can be a pack leader. Being a leader involves a certain attitude and atmosphere of authority. This is the basis of mutual respect, which provides communication between you and the dog. Individuals from the pack to become a full member of the group process called subordination, and subordination. Among the dogs obedience begins shortly after the third week of life and continues throughout early development. Most normal, healthy puppies are basically very "pushy" animals that will try as much as possible to advance in the social framework of the pack. The key to successfully raise a puppy is to define the owner as the pack leader, and then maintain that position during the life of a dog. How does one become a leader of the pack? In the nature adult in the pack start to learn the rules of the puppies while they are still quite small. Adults carefully but firmly trapped puppys neck and pressed them against the ground. Puppies learn to greet adults respectfully approaching them in a sunken position, with ears backwards, shaking his lowered tail and licking their lips. Puppies do this as a sign of respect and affection, not out of fear. Described the relationship between the expression of servitude, and its purpose is to maintain peace and harmony within the pack. Practicing leadership position in the eyes of the dog people can do the leaders of the family pack. When the order set, the dog will always look up to you. Will want to be next to you and approach you with respect and affection. Once you learn to obey the management, all the other activities, such as combing, trimming nails, cleaning ears, or treatment with drugs, will be much easier. The dog must first learn that you have the power to govern over them, and that it will lead to discomfort or pain. The dog you must be fully trusted.

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