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How to care for his feet toenails

A ten minute foot soak in warm water. You can add the scent of salt water, or relaxing kupuku foot ...

HOME PEDICURE includes bath, foot scrub, inevitably turning heel, nails, massage and cream application. After all, you will feel the enthusiasm and relaxed. It is enough to deal with a home manicure once a week. First A ten minute foot soak in warm water. You can add the scent of salt water, or relaxing kupuku foot. It would be ideal to have a swimming leg, which is a massager. Then the effect is complete. Second Once youve started to relax, its time to peel, which is used to remove dead cells from the skin surface. Third Scraper heels will successfully remove the excess skin, and while doing this, it is important that your feet are dry. Focus on the heel, the edges of the feet and toes. 4th Next in line are the scissors and Nail File, or nails. It is important that you cut the nail straight, because thus preventing their ingrowth. Gently push the cuticles down, and will help the tea tree oil, which will soften cuticles and prevent eventual Thrush. When youre all done, nail polishspecial emery board. 5th Last step is to nail polish. When the paint dries, the nails back massage and apply a cream or gel for the legs.

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