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How to organize a party at home

How to organize a party at home almost all the candles are renowned Polish hospitality and openness

... Almost all the candles are renowned Polish hospitality and openness to the truth is that Poles love to organize a reception and invite guests We make sure that when they ate and drank their fill, and nice to spend time on it but remember that even at such small social events there are certain principles that we follow the best turn out.
guests will be invited at least a week earlier, and this time increases with the size and vigor of adoption, if such a. enjoy birthday - where to buy a gift by default - and we look forward to evening wear say about two three weeks before the date of entertainment
method call depends on the vigor, if you can send beautiful elegant party invitations paper, but if they want to be just a social event, simply contact us by phone .
I can also customize the occasion. One of the more convenient form is called. buffet where exposed food, and guests at any time and they approached the Marshals. If you want a more traditional way, eating meals at the table , remember the corresponding przystrojeniu and unscented candles, napkins, etc. The elegant lady in the house should be sure that everything is prepared before, and not spend too much time in the kitchen during the adoption.
in our home, if there are people who do not know , remember that the presentation itself is our task.
hosts should take care of their guests, entertain them and give each of them, but the moment
hosts should also take care of complete glasses with their guests, but beware is our national disease - .. forcing them to alcohol, solicitations and filling a glass of force a person who drives a car, taking medication, or simply have no desire for alcohol, it is absolutely unacceptable. Similarly, forced to eat in poor taste, subtle invitation on the table is wrong, but I gained insight into the cymbals and loud comments like no, why not eat, youre so skinny, you do not like? have no tact.
During the reception, try to be friendly and natural, as the host of a bad mood will quickly move to the guests, who are also likely to lose your sense of humor, since May feel unwelcome, and the whole situation will be stiff.

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