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How to make blade in hand painted Christmas tree

How to make blade hand painted Christmas tree in the snow outside the window, recalls that soon Christmas

snow outside the window reminds us that before Christmas and it was snowing inspired me to write this advice if you have a home christmas tree ornaments old who are ashamed to hang on the Christmas tree, its time .. give them a new life All What you need is a brush and acrylic art -. available at any hobby shop -.! go
winter landscape to the perpetuation of the best drawn in green or blue painters early. lower part of the globe. fat brush to draw a snow drift, as shown in the picture above. You will need two coats of white paint. After painting the first coat and wait until dry. Only then put the second coat of paint.
Using brushes with round tip. bombce colors on several trees of different sizes always wait until one of them air dry before you begin to paint next
Minor -. well rounded -. brush to draw the branches of red dots symbolize the mistletoe to revive the whole picture . br
dip a wooden brush in white paint and gently bombce white dots. It will be snowing. Wait until it dries. So painted blades will be a unique decoration for the Christmas tree.

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