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How to do a piece on teachers day

How to do a piece on Oct. 14, Teachers Day Teachers Day or other national education

October 14
teacher day or second day of education on this day we thank our teachers and all teachers for the work, effort and patience put into our system, apart from the wishes and flowers can give teachers .. hand-made paper. Idea the piece below.
make a card base. To take it a piece of blue cardboard measuring 24 cm wide and 30 inches tall and fold it in half.
spiral notebook wydrzyj a sheet measuring about 18 cm to 10 cm . At the end of the sheet and rub a pencil or a black hood. Using stamps to write Happy Teachers Day, or if you are doing a piece for English teachers Happy Teachers Day. If you do not you write requests brand hand
u Take a pencil: a / u
first cut from dark-blue paper rectangle 3 inches to 17 inches in length .. One end cut in a zig-zag
brown paper, cut a rectangle measuring 3 cm to 2 cm and place it on end of a dark-blue rectangle on the other side of the zig-zag - see picture -.
Square Cut pink paper measuring 3x3 cm around two corners and put the end of a dark-blue rectangle -. see picture -. Cut a rectangle of light brown paper 3x2 cm in size and position, with a dark blue rectangle at the end of the zig-zag. Cut two corners at an angle to create a pencil tip.
Place a piece of black paper and a pen in a wooden slice it at an angle, so as to create a stylus. Spitz easily cut to look like it was already using a pencil.
pencil glue all the pieces together with glue office. black eye shadow pencil to draw the bottom to give it the look of Pietro.; jwymiarowości
u take an apple: / u
Cut apple shape with a red card - Apple should be about 5 cm and 5.5 cm. of brown paper, cut tail, and green leaves and black shadow apple leaf eyeshadows -. see picture -.
Check all parts of the work.

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