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Feasts and Holidays

Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to floral arrangements to the grave

Order flower arrangements to the grave Decide on live or artificial flowers

Choose to live or artificial flowers Do not connect both of these species in one part, because it does not look professional and positive
pot or basket to put flower foam flower .. If you choose to live flower sponge to should be soaked in water, the flowers no longer constant. No need for artificial flowers.
Sponge insert inside the pot or basket and tie carefully and tightly with tape. sponge should be well immobilized.
Start now pierce the sponge leaves. It can be the leaves of ferns, myszopłochu, eucalyptus, anthurium, ivy or anything else for which they have access to, or what you have on hand. When you dig
have the right amount of leaves begin to wkomponowywać without flowers. Here you will have a major, if not more room for maneuver of the leaves. compositions Cemetery you can do with roses, lupines, lilies, irises and margaretek heather, and hipasterum waxa, freesia, and many many others.
Flowers Choose a color or size. Watch the video to see how you can choose different flowers that have created an interesting, nice composition.

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