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How to make pancakes in the shape of flowers

How to make pancakes in the shape of flowers if you do pancakes, for example, one day well show you how to make time to make them super-unique

If you make pancakes for example, on the day well show you how to make time to make them super-special All you need is a squeeze bottle
paste .. You can cut off the spout of the bottle, a piece of the larger openings.
design and drawing of a flower in the pan is fairly simple. In addition, you can adjust the temperature of one degree lower than normal. This will give you more time to create and fill the flower.
Start from the center, press paste one point in the middle of the vessel and wait a moment, then drain point next to each other, wait a moment and squeeze another one. distance between extrusion creates more focus points, if they squeeze too fast, they are poor in one large cake. Try not to get tight spots symmetrical and natural looking than six points of the geometric pattern.
Draw a petal and fill it with dough, besides drawing the next. shaped petals rather wide at the top. most romantic flower has five petals, so be sure to draw the petals are so broad that it encompasses the entire area of only five petals. Odd number of leaflets also ensure that the pancakes we hope that it will look natural and not like a cartoon.
Finally, draw a card and fill it. When you turn the pancakes on the other hand, we hope you will the expected picture of a flower.
Because these pancakes take a little longer to make, a good idea to insert a plate in a warm oven to make pancakes warm and ready to serve.

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