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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to hide a bat

How to hide a bat Lets say you want to dress up as a bat for Halloween

Say you want to dress up as a bat for Halloween What probably wears sash and black Do you miss just a mask Presented here is a mask made of soft foam, black modeling
.? ..
Print and cut out the figure. foam and attach it odrysuj. Then rotate it, like a piece of paper books, not tearing the wings from the center of leaf and other odrysuj. Cut.
Glue the eyes of bats with strong glue - hot glue is the best -.
use pushpins to make two small holes on either side of the mask at a distance of about 8 cm from the center of the mask you previously applied to the face mask. - at the height of what is called the crown - and find out where is best to make the hole the hole should be at such a distance that the wings are bent slightly backward after the founding of the mask
Cut a piece of rubber bands and connected through a hole in the rubber masks ... should be long enough to fit the childs head in it and short enough to mask the bat his forehead.

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