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How to make Halloween makeup

. How to make Halloween makeup, if you want to shine makeup for Halloween, read the following instructions and keep the zipper on his face

Nothing if you want to be for Halloween, read the following instructions and keep the shutter on your face your face will look like made of a material - the perfect make-up for those who dress up as Frankenstein and vampire or another fantastic and threatening character.
Cut in half zipper. ends shortened enough to fit the lock on your face. Apply a face primer, then apply the lock of the eyes, to see where it hit the stick later.
hold the latch under the eye and attract go around with a brownish-gray.
stroked shadow form now fix lock eyes with black pencil.
Now fill in the middle Farbka color of the body and let it dry
now fill the red pigment of red Coat PLUS -. Mac Primary Red Dye -. This color will be bright red
Now draw, waterproof pen. eye on the inner line the lash line.
Enhance the edges brown and gray eyeshadow. Now you can paint the upper eyelid.
refers to upper eyelids blue eye shadow. not need to do carefully.
Now paint the black shadow of the upper eyelid or eye shadow in dark red or purple.
below the left eye to draw a black line. It should be thick and clear. then tear it up .
Creating fake eyelashes on the upper eyelid - here used MAC lashes - nr.37.
lower left eyelid on the eyelash glue There will be a sticky lock, so you have to shorten the eyelashes
. undercut eyelashes to keep the left lower eyelid
Now, you will need glue for gluing peripheral, tupecików and wigs -. Spirit gum Mastic -. Adhesive grease inside the lock and keep it under his left eye - right below the lower false lashes - lashes are used to primarily to ensure that the castle did not come to you in the eye -.
Now do the same with the second lock Castle smear glue on the inside and apply adhesive to the skin

... Add locking to the skin and gently press .
now cut it in half to reduce the rest of false eyelashes, apply to every bit of half and glue them! glue on the upper, outer part of the lock, under the eye on both sides.
dark shadows pass slowly draws to a turn side locks. It will look like the Son, taut skin.
equalizer to the horizontal face, leaving all the locks. Dashes to do the dark lines previously drawn Sketches.
equalizer sympathy be blended into the whole makeup
Make up -. line which turns from lock -. lightly cover with a loose powder on the face of the whole look more natural
Apply a little more red pigment in the wound in an unbuttoned castle.
periphery of the wound, apply a little shadow of a dark gray and black, the wound looked more natural.
make up!

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