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How to floral arrangements to the grave

Order flower arrangements to the grave One of the things that attract foreigners in our country is an old custom of visiting the graves of the dead

.. One of the things that attract foreigners in our country is an old custom of visiting the graves of the dead This is done usually on the day of All Saints, although the period of October and November is usually a time of pilgrimage to the graves of loved ones on the tomb looks nice, it applies to decorate a floral composition. How to make a wreath at the cemetery, youll learn below.
Place in a basket or a pot of flowers wet floral foam. Earlier immerse it in water until it becomes waterlogged. same composition should be done in layers. Start with your back. Hammer sponge in the highest botanical flowers or leaves. then moves forward, placing flowers in all lower sponge.
Give the composition of depth, putting flowers in different colors. They can, for example, margaretki. They are very durable, come in many shades, perfect for the occasion.
Cut flower stems diagonally. It will be easier to knock them into sponges and taking of surface water will be much higher, which will extend the life of the composition.
Heres how it looks ready for composition.

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