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Feasts and Holidays

Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make decorations for Halloween

. How to make Halloween decorations This ornament will look great suspended on a table with food on Halloween

ornament will look great suspended over the table with dishes for Halloween Its implementation is very simple and fast all you can do in just half an hour
Click on photo to enlarge ... besides - you have to click on it 2 x then right-click and show picture - .., then print and cut
Templates redraw technical work on the black market, and then cut and deposit line drawn on a template
Now the bats to be ready to hang best way to do something that will ring on it, cut strips of black paper cardboard with 80-90 cm in length and glue the end of each bat Thread needle thread on black - ... to make a hole in his head - and attach it to the fence bats more at different heights to tie pieces of ribbon rail - .. three points equally spaced - tie them, tie them one more piece and attach to the ceiling - the work is light, so the whole is expected to remain strong sticky tape -.

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