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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make Christmas cards with reindeer

How to make Christmas cards with reindeer Nothing like a handmade card

Nothing like a handmade card does not matter whether Christmas or birthday or any other occasion that is important, from my heart These cards are great sentimental value, so get down to business ... and do something quite apart for those you love.
piece from a block of technical reserves in half and cut it. Then one of the two halves in the lateral half again to get the form of postcards.
Put a piece of paper horizontally in front of him. Next place the hook half of the site technical block.
dip your toe in brown and it bounced on the hook half of the paper. See how to get out. thumb Practice burping, but the other fingers.
When you are satisfied with the result of several characters bounce on the front created a Christmas card. Put them in a cool way. be like this here side by side in a row, but not perfectly equal in one line.
Keep your fingers crossed that it now reflects the paint is dry.
When the paint is dry but with black cienkopisu draw eyes and ears reniferom. Brown Pen to draw the corners, and draw reniferom red nose.
place beneath the words Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas.

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