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How do they want the ghosts for Halloween

How do they want the ghosts for Halloween Amazing idea for a Halloween dessert

amazing idea for a Halloween dessert to impress not only the children but also adults Combining jelly and whipped cream, never been so terribly fun to sink a few ghosts in the jelly fra.. Prepare jelly
according to package instructions. Pour into prepared glasses. Leave to wish stiffened.
Meanwhile, prepare the whipped cream. Remove the lid. Now you have two options, depending on the type of whipped cream. can set straw on the plastic part that you press and pulls cream from the center. You can also download this part and put the straw protruding from the center of the pipe. In both cases, do not forget to keep a firm straw with tape.
When jelly is not already running, but not frozen solid within pucharka insert straw and cream as shown in the photograph above. Remember, before you try in.
make sure jelly is cold.
squeeze icing in the center of jelly.
icing on the environment will look like ghost lost in the jelly.
poking fun at the top of the toothpick with chocolate bead.
Place the ball inside to make a toothpick duszkom eyes and mouth. Leave the glasses on the total concentration of royal jelly. Dusko ready.

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