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How the angels felt gingerbread Christmas tree

How felt gingerbread Christmas tree angels in this charming little angel, so apparently a cake with a girl known to us all, Shrek, you will win your hearts and your children

This charming little angel, so apparently a cake with a girl known to us all, Shrek, you will win your hearts and your children all you need to do is gather the necessary materials and the desire to get to work on .. Gingerbread Angel Christmas tree is a really nice present.
Download the template, or draw the shape of an angel himself. download the template and print a larger image, respectively. Then cut.
Odrysuj template shape and the second cherub on the felt, then cut.
roll my eyes and prominent feature aniołkowi. Black cotton threads mesh necklace and a kiss on the drawn areas.
make a rectangle with a small bow, pressing her black cotton thread is exactly in the middle. sew heart angel. Cut two small circles of red felt and glue them to look like cheeks.
arch angel necklace on the head.
Yes, our little angel should look like at this stage.
Stick to the ornate angel dress wavy stripe as shown in Fig. Or, if you want to put the tape in a different way.
strip cut from an ordinary piece of the desired length and tie the ends into a knot.
Make angels assembled with elements of nieruszanÄ… and staple them together leaving the bottom of the dress niezszyty .
forget to put the top of the head and sew the loop tape.
Insert angel candy inside that matters little angel. angel sleeve to end.
Ready angel.

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