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How to paint your nails for Halloween pure blood

How to paint your nails for Halloween

are a fan of vampire films highlight it in this years Halloween Paint your nails in a bloody sample Finally, one night only with impunity, you have blood on their hands
SpiƂuj nails and nails? .... If you want to apply one coat of the base is not nail polish. Wait until dry.
special tape glued nails, as shown in the picture above. Paint them white. Wait until the paint dries.
Line table with newspaper or paper towels . Now is the time to do your nails with blood. will use this much red, so you do not invest in the most expensive. If paint is too thick, add a few drops to a bottle of acetone nail polish remover and shake.
unnecessary plate Pour a bit of red nail polish. Dip the tip of the straw in it. Make sure you have formed a thin protective layer on it, and ... blow. blowing varnish on the nails in several stages. See the next picture.
paint dries, apply fixed to the surface. Halloween nails.

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