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How speckled eggs

How speckled eggs Another idea for decorating Easter eggs

Another idea for decorating Easter eggs egg spray paint effect is amazing, they remind us of little quail eggs with it, they are colorful recommend this method and we encourage you to try
spread old newspapers
their workplace.
for each cup pour a teaspoon of vinegar. Add a teaspoon of colors [after one color for each cup] and fill the cup with water up to you. Mix all.
Put eggs on spoons in a cup some time, and grabbed the color. Then take them out and leave to dry.
Mix a teaspoon of brown color, and 4-5 drops of water.
Arrange the eggs dry newspaper.
Dip the brush in water and moves his finger across the bristles . water should be sprayed.
Now dip the brush in brown color and do the same, it will be difficult to effect.
bursts of color on the eggs. Before you drop down the other side of the spray, wait for the paint is dry on top.
Here boiled eggs. Beautiful.

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