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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How lanterns for Christmas

How lanterns for the Christmas holidays approaching, and you want to make your home look exceptionally

Holidays approaching, and you want to make your home look special I need to spend lots of money on decorations you can make some yourself with things that are safe in your home .. Read these tips and learn how to do Christmas candle is sure to impress your guests. sizes and colors can, of course, adapted to your needs and decor.
the golden section 4 squares of cardboard measuring 12 x 12 cm and one with the dimensions 13 x 13 cm - .. will be the bottom of our
candlesticks on each side of the square, which will be at the bottom of our candlestick, select the tab width of 1 cm with a ruler and pencil to mark lines, cut the squares on the corners and the resulting curve tab above.
For each of the other squares markings on one side of the line at a distance of 1 cm from the edge, then bend the cardboard along the line. Now get
template and odrysuj on each of the four squares. Do not forget to mark always been right. Now, with a sharp knife or scissors cut patterns.
Now with parchment paper or welinowego with stars cut four squares, about 1 cm smaller by our candlestick. they stick with glue on the inside wall.
Now pick up the underside of our light, and on one side of the card
cardboard cut four strips 3 x 12 cm. With the help of a needle, and ruler of them divide evenly in half lengthwise and carefully bend.
folded, cut and strip attached to the outer corners on both sides of the candlestick. On the toolbar at the top of each side with a hole punch to make a small hole - together will be their eighth
use special rings to decorate each hole a piece of gold wire length about 20 cm wrap tightly around a pencil to form a spiral Insert one end of the wire through two holes in one corner of the candlestick .. and the other end through the hole in the corner on the diagonal. This will add extra decoration, bearing candles will be discontinued.

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