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How Easter mazurka with raspberry flavor in the form of eggs

As Easter mazurka-flavored raspberry shaped eggs Mazurek is one of the most popular baked cakes for Easter

Mazurek is one of the most popular baked cakes for Easter housewives wypiekają them in different shapes and flavors Below you will find instructions on how to make raspberry flavored mazurka in the form of eggs
Mate those almonds ... boiling water, Peel and grind - if you wish to use within the country - ...
chop the butter with the sifted flour pastry board, add sliced ​​cooked egg yolks through a sieve, ground almonds and sugar Knead the dough smooth shiny
You just have to prepare the stuffing. Below you will find instructions on how to make dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms.
Pogotuj cabbage in a small amount of water about 30 minutes and then evaporated. Peel onions and cut. Fry it until golden brown. Boiled cabbage
let it cool, squeeze and chop. Add half the onions. Mix.
Clean mushrooms, trim handles, wash and cut into slices. Throw into the pot, add 2-3 tablespoons water and cook, covered, and evaporated.
mushrooms, bread, and grind the rest of the onions, add salt and pepper to the ground. Products is hand mixed
Add cabbage and mix the ingredients are combined
prepare the cake recipe - .. Connections -. Roll out and cut circles for which imposes stuffing. Adhesives and throw into boiling water.
fire warmed boiled dumplings on a platter and pour the butter or bacon fat is connected with bacon.

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