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How to make vampire fangs

How to make vampire fangs soon Halloween, and you have to dress up as a vampire

Soon Halloween, and you have to dress up as a vampire d prefer not to avoid those nasty plastic teeth that you can buy in stores, you can make your own vampire fangs fangs Development is not expensive and you have teeth? .. much more convenient to use the entire jaw Here are tips on how to make vampire fangs, which will be the perfect addition for Halloween costumes
Put some plastic in medium bowl Heat water in a kettle or a microwave oven until it is hot .. - at least 60 degrees Celsius -.
Pour into the pan and wait for the plastic starts to melt after a while the plastic softens enough to be molded
wyłów plastic spoon in hot water ... Urwij small piece of a larger piece of molten plastic .
form of molten plastic to give it a cone shape. wide cone at the top of his dog bed.
plastic fangs poking fun at his teeth and push it until it covers the entire tooth. format artificial dog give him the desired shape. Try closing your mouth and ensure that no artificial fang does not bother you too much.
repeat the whole process so that other dog. Both canines correspond exactly to your teeth.

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