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How to celebrate St. Andrews in Europe

As it celebrates St. Andrews in Europe, many people believe that St. Andrew patron of Polish, but it is not true

Lots of people believe that St. Andrew patron of Polish, but it is not true Poland has three major Catholic patrons, but none of them was Andrew, and that the bishop and St. Adalbert. Martyr, St. Stanislav Bishop and Martyr , and Mary Queen of Poland. But behind the custody of the Poles has two secondary sponsors, and they Stanislav Kostka and St. Andrew Boboli. Maybe because some people believe that Andrews main custody of our country. In fact, St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, Greece and Russia. Anyway, Andrew has gained a special place and nature of the celebrations in Poland. treats them with us on the eve of St. Andrew, who, on the night of 29 through November 30. This is the night of divination, and the last chance to organize a noisy play before Advent. But we all know how to celebrate St. Andrews in Poland. But I do not know how to celebrate it, and whether other Europeans?
u Germany. / u In Germany, Andrew [ Die Andreasnacht] is celebrated at the same time as in Poland. There is a belief that unmarried women who want to marry should ask for help from St. Andrews. that if the night is November 29 to 30 will be seen to sleep naked in a dream her future husband. Young women should also be careful how and where the night dogs bark at them, because in this direction will come to them, their future husband.
u Ukraine. / u
Ukraine [Andríí̈vsʹkij editing] day of Saint Andrew the fall of December 13 This is because some Ukrainians Two weeks after we started preparing for Christmas time. Andrew accrue from them, and before the time of reflection, as in our country, and yet the Advent Musings On St Andrews game rule fortune, and pancakes and sweets for the game to the girls find a husband. It is also a time for pranks and misfortunes, such as targets and neighbors pull the plug on the roof level. Everything related to marriage . If the house where he lived jingle was awarded Miss Figel , this means that the success of the marriage the bride and quickly.
u Romania. / u
In Romania, Andrew was a time when magic rituals in order to get rid of the evil spirit of the country clean of these people. secret weapon is garlic, which should be to eat the night before the feast of St. Andrew. Garlic is also located in front of the doors, windows and chimneys, to ward off evil spirits
in Bulgaria / u Andrew
known there under the name Edrei - .. day of the bear -. story goes that Andrew complained to God that they do not set any dates on which people could remember and respect him. Therefore, God told him that everyone who does not celebrate the day of St. Andrews will have to carry a bear. associated with the legend, according to which, reg evil stepmother is punished by a mysterious old man with gray beard of a man to abuse stepdaughter turned to his daughter - who is favored and loved - to bear housewives cast into the fire cooked corn, chase after their daughter .. evil spirits.

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