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How to make Easter eggs dotted with glitter

How to make Easter eggs with glitter dots without decorating eggs is a very cool game

Just ..
decorating Easter eggs is a very cool game you can indulge your imagination and decorate your eggs in different ways using various models, it is very fashionable these days and the glow dots, Ill show you how to combine the two elements of decorating Easter eggs.
Cook boiled eggs and leave to cool.
Meanwhile, cut strips of mutual dots.
glue dots cut cold eggs, remember that the shell must be dry.
mound of glitter plate, and said in their eggs. glitter to put on a beautiful strip.
Press the glitter in place with tape and shred the rest of the shell. Voila! glitter polka ready.
If you want to apply a different color glitter glue dots directly on the wheels and push it up immediately with a finger to get stuck.

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