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How to organize the Easter Egg Hunt

How to organize the Easter Egg Hunt on the west of the Easter holidays parents prepare their children for the fun to find Easter eggs or Easter Bunny

west of the Easter holidays parents prepare their children for the fun to find Easter eggs or Easter Bunny This game is a great attraction for children in Poland, this habit, and not take it, but you can try .. Children will be very happy.
u Choose date and time. / u
First you must determine the date and time when you want to organize a search for eggs.
u looking for eggs by age of children. / u
you can invite friends and sąsiadówz children, to make it more fun. Depending on the age of the child Adjust position. For children it would be best if the lawn for over dense terrain, hilly, hiding Easter eggs, etc. Ask your friends to your eggs earlier example, each with 20 per child. In this way, costs will play vary; wnane not nadwyrężysz your portfolio
u court must be secure / u
If you intend to organize a search for eggs in the park, make sure that the area is fenced or .. spacing rodzicóww at different points. If the search that will take place at home, remove furniture that can stand on the way from small miners. collapse of the eggs in places that are easily available and the child will not go up if you are involved in the game, older children can hide anywhere -. in the attic, basement, etc.
u Make a list of places to hide eggs / u
. It is good to do List the places you plan to hide the eggs. will help to properly orient the children to be designed in appropriate directions in search of eggs surprises.
u Prepare award and explain the principles of fun. / u
When it looking for eggs to children in different age groups at the beginning of fun for all the children say, for example blue eggs are just for children, older people have to look red, etc. Tell the children that the child wins, they again found the most eggs. Have your consolation prize for those who do not will find their eggs or less.

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