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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make paper is loaded

How to make paper tucked There are many ways to make balls of paper, but this method is simple and fast

There are many ways to make balls of paper, but this method is simple and quick to make paper Christmas ornaments will make a lot of luck to you and your whole family
Gather necessary materials ...
Drawing on the sheet - decorative paper, newspapers - 8 rounds using a glass and then cut them
now draw on paper, two smaller circles -. can be hard, cardboard stencil of a cap of glue or something else that has a circular shape
Each of the big wheel in half and fold in half again -. get a quarter circle -.
glue a small circle of four quarters large wheels - as shown in the picture - .. do the same with another small circle and the next four quarters more This is the easiest circuits when the first small wheels Smear a thick layer of glue, and then pushes it into quarters large circles
Now glue together two small circles .. Apply glue on it and press firmly together. skleisz While I lay flat on whole table and place something heavy. Leave it a few minutes to glue dobrze zasechł.
topic thread a needle, puncture the bottom of the skirt at the top, go through the thread and then tie it, then thread ribbon wire - ... that will fall on Threesome tree
Apply a quarter of large wheels, so to form a blade tucked

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