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How to Make lamb sticks to your ears

How to Make lamb sticks to your ears With the use of conventional ear buds you can do amazing lamb, which can also stand under the registered card placed on the table Christmas

use ordinary ear buds you can do amazing lamb, which can also stand under the registered card placed on the Christmas table following manual execution of this magnificent sheep
Paper Cut torso and head of the lamb - Sheep -. It immediately reduce the torso and head twice to return the lamb
Poucinaj cotton heads with batons, leaving a small piece of rod about 1.5 cm If the child reduces the use of sticks .. caution caution.
Start rods sticking out of a larger piece of paper that will body to be lamb. choinkowo organizes them to overlap each other and subsequently cover the previous bats. the example of paintings.
Now take a small piece of paper that will be head of a lamb, and glue the two pieces to put out over the paper as shown. There will be ears of our lamb.
fleece To make our heads cut lamb sticks with three terminals, so its just a piece of cotton - cut above the cotton part of the glue by putting them between the ears as shown in Figure
Lamb Pen Draw eyes, nose and other essential details on the example photo
Take the ribbon and gold .... the form in which a small bow to the hair sticks patyczkowych.
Now for a lamb leg. Take a paper clip and attach to the body of sheep no sticks. Try to put the lamb, if not placed in appropriate places spinaczów move it so that he could afford a lamb spinaczach. Then let the glue dry. Now do the same back to the lamb and accurate for the clips on the other side.
You can do several of these lambs / sheep, depending on your needs. clips will hold the card with your name or any of those desires. Then the lamb can also be a gift wishes.

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