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How to make Christmas decorations

. How to Make Christmas Ornaments Each of us is free to make Christmas decorations

Everyone is free to make Christmas decorations you might think that this is a very difficult task - .. Nothing more wrong you need to do a bit of desire and some free time hand-made Christmas ornaments in the shape of angels to achieve. Be the perfect gift for a loved one and can be a wonderful decoration for the home. Read these tips to learn how to make angels.
work start wrapping the yarn around the piece of wood, used for the purpose of side length 18 cm .. Do this about 150 times Now carefully slide the yarn with a wooden block Prepare a piece of yarn about 25 inches in length and tied one end of the pre-wound yarn, combining all the strings together -. thus avoid its development in this location will be. top of the head of our little angels. the rest of the string used as a hanger , connects the two ends together.
Slide a wooden bead wire between the yarn at the end of which is in the form of an angels head. Using a brush or comb yarn evenly spread around the ball. Prepare yarn fragment of about 25 cm and connected behind a wooden ball, closing in the middle yarn. Ensure that all connected properly, make a knot at the front and two rear body of an angel.
Now, wrap the yarn around the side of the block length of about 12 cm, do it about 50 times - it will be in the hands of our little angel carefully Push the yarn from the pad, being careful not to develop Prepare two pieces of yarn about 10 inches in length and tied near the end .. both wound yarn, creating hand of an angel. Put your hands as little angels inside the body, between the fiber direction, in order to emphasize equally on both sides. Cut a piece of yarn about 20 inches in length and tied under the arms, thus forming a body of angels. Glue angel both hands together, to set them up in front of the body.
Now cut all the threads of yarn at the bottom. will create a kind of dressing angels.
string beads and wire wrap around their form .. HALO and glue them to the heart of the angel body arms can now be stuck with a thin ribbon bow and flower materials
Cut the appropriate length of a piece of wide ribbon on the wing -. about 25 to 30 cm in bow tie and glue on the back of an angel.

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