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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make Easter eggs with the wishes

How to make Easter eggs with the wishes of the card you might get bored in this year to do something completely different

Easter cards you might get bored in this year do something different instead of wishes written on pieces of paper, write them on strips of paper, put the eggs and post
.. make the two ends of an egg with a small hole in the cutter paper and a needle.
Content blow the eggs in a bowl. the yolk before it came easily pierce them with a needle. shell several times with water.
Decorate the shell of the discretion.
Write on the paper tray and lid Easter wishes to roll them thin.
to insert through the hole blown inside.
put Easter eggs in small cardboard boxes. cover Break the egg please. to egg poobijało not in the way that you put the box into thin strips of newspaper pociętymi site.
Box wrap in brown paper and address.

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