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How to make a decorative ball of felt flowers

How to make a decorative ball of felt flowers decorative balls can be a real decoration of our homes?

decorative balls can be a real decoration of our homes can vary depending on the season or occasion No matter what nakleimy or hammered, they look good Make a decorative ball of flowers .... Great for spring, but the Christmas tree . try it.
Cut a piece of tape, for example 20-30 cm. Place this piece in the loop, as shown in Fig.
styrofoam ball, apply a drop of glue.
Glue the ends of the ribbon ball. Place intersection to the end of the tape should be placed carefully on the glue.
From felt, cut a circle with a diameter of, say, eight inches. Cut them into a spiral. At the end of the spiral on the outside of the Apply a drop of glue and glue oblong balls.
Then start a spiral of collapse felt in flower.
Apply glue to form a spiral suffered. shortened to end.
top of the helix will be a little bulge.
put it on the bottom of the flower.
flower in turn attached to Styrofoam ball.
the same way others do them flowers and decorate the rest of the ball.

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