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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


As a bird with a flower

As a bird with a flower Blown eggs and do not necessarily have to be proud to Easter baskets or desk?

blown Easter eggs, and do not necessarily have to be table decoration or Easter baskets of beautiful ornaments wydmuszek You can also hang on the branches or the curtain below shows how to perform bird with a blown
... Make the shell of the egg, Do not forget before the egg wash and dry. After blowing out the contents of the laundry in the middle crust, pouring water in, even though the small holes. After washing, remove excess water and let it dry for wytłaczance be. putting a hole Insert the bottom
shell in color - the color of the birds free - tinged .. be nice and dry
paint or paint markers Cut a network of tissue cover them to paint the selected color, and attach with glue or tape.
wydmuszce thread through the holes in the end. put fishing line Begin a smaller hole. If you can not pull on it, put it on a long thin needle. Connect your fishing line, leaving the length of the suspension
branch fell on the birds do not stick your head point-down line on the test -. front of the birds - ..
groove at the end of a stick, cover the hole in wydmuszce and wear a groove connection with a bit of paper. To do this, cut out of paper and make a cube as shown in the picture.

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