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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How the heart of the basket for Mothers Day

In the heart of the basket for Mothers Day Every mom will appreciate a gift basket as the heart, hand made by a child with a little help from adults

Every mom will appreciate a gift basket as the heart, the hand of the child with a little help from adults you do it with paper or felt - .. Then it will be more durable Below you will find instructions with pictures
. To Cart
need two strips of paper or felt in the form of a rectangle, the same size. Size is not important. make the paper in half and cut to get two bands for each color.
Lay a strip complex apartment on the second place, but rotated by 90 ° 9patrz drawing -. Draw a line where a piece of trousers protrudes from the top and vice versa
Arrange strips on each other, so that the lines are drawn covered
.. .
draw lines on the outer tape, as shown in Figure Number of rows does not matter - it depends on how big your box - but its best to pull each strip is about 2.5 inches wide, so the basket will be drawn on stable Cut. line holding card carefully poprzesuwały can not bind them to office paper clips to make it easier
times now one sheet on the table and second place at the right angle, so that they overlap - see diagram commas .. everything. It is fun to have alternate alternating colored stripes get a chessboard.
figure these letters and numbers. least the numbers 1 to insert into A, B, thread it over, insert only now under C, etc. Continue until the entire bar przepleciesz.
Now scroll bar B 1, then thread over 2, 3, and so push up the thread it through all the other bars in alternation.
Continue with the next strip as in
8 and 9 At the end of terrible tape gently from the bottom to the well-kept and there parted. Then cut an additional strip of paper about 2.5 cm in width and length of 15-17 cm. Remove the basket and said adhesive tape to the inside with glue or staples to repair.

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