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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to make Easter bunny lollipops

How to make Easter bunny

Perfect ideas for Easter treats for kids bunnies - lollipops will satisfy every child, and not despise them as adults Lizakowy rabbit is also a perfect element of Easter baskets Find out how easy it is to make fra...
Prepare all necessary materials. You can buy them at a hobby shop or on auction.
Start by painting a white wooden heart. If you can not buy anywhere else, such hearts, cut them with a thick cardboard. When the paint dries, draw two semicircles serduszkach - legs - see the next picture to see how it should look like - white paint on wooden beads
for a rabbit, you will need: .. lollipop, wooden bead, two pieces of wire creative, a great white pomponika, two medium white pompons, two small white pomponików, a small, pink pomponika, two tiny eyes on the dolls, painted hearts with ribbons and bows.
upper lollipop brush a little glue stick and glue it on top of the stand - the heart ... of the lollipop stick The theme is a grain
two circular wire loop of the creative fields at the ends of the wire put a little glue and push it into the hole in koraliku to form ears back in a big lollipop stick tassel. - bunny tail, and two smaller ones on the sides of pomponiki -. feet
middle of the adhesive glue bead eyes, and beneath them a little pink pomponik -. nose to nose, two small white sticker pomponiki -. mouth rabbit
Decorate Bunny arc material. Mr. Zajączkowo Glue the butterfly doors you rabbit on top of your head.

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