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How to decorate the house for Christmas

How to decorate the house for Christmas Christmas Christmas is an occasion, one of the few in the year to make your home look festive and solemn atmosphere

Christmas is an occasion, one of the few in the year to make your home look festive and ceremonial atmosphere to make your house into a fast, easy and inexpensive Christmas in the land of magic and witchcraft .. br
beauty all Tuners Christmas decorations, bows.
* bows look very festive. Decorate them, chair backs, candlesticks, bowls, wreath, garland, handle baskets, curtains, blinds, doors, fences.
* bows and straps should fit the rest of the interior and style of your apartment / house
* Use colors. red, green, silver, gold and red
during the festive use of either. a special Christmas meal dishes.
Dim the lights in the home beautification
* table candles. In the light of each installment will be more effective.
* Put lots of candles in the bathroom around the sink and tub. Atmosphere Swimming in light of the candle is indispensable. If you have small children at home, the idea is not suitable.
* Ensure that every night the fire was burning in the fireplace. family members are encouraged to spend as much as possible at the time, read, do homework, write Christmas cards or dozing.
Hang Christmas Wreaths
* Hang Christmas wreaths on the all doors. course, start from the front door. There hangs the most beautiful, welcoming our guests.
* Christmas wreath decorated with red onion and look impressive hanging on the balcony railing.
* wreaths also embellishing the front windows and doors bedroom on both sides.
wianuszków * To use a real pine, holly, fir or spruce, and their decorations - fruit, pine cones, bows or candles.

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