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How to make Easter eggs with butterflies

How to make Easter eggs with butterflies ways to decorate Easter eggs are very much

ways of decorating Easter eggs are very many of which are complicated and lengthy, while others require a little time and effort measures latter group may include eggs, for example, the butterfly Here you will learn how ... no.
Start is to prepare a small butterfly. To draw a few butterflies of different sizes on paper in the selected color.
Decorate butterfly with white paint or correction fluid to paint the edges of the wings and making a point to them as shown in Figure over.
staple in the form of small loops. within the clip should be long and disperse in the form of a butterfly czułka. same element that should be of a size commensurate with the size of butterflies. to glue on the bottom with a small amount of glue butterfly. In this way, would butterflies of various sizes and colors.
paper can also reduce the small flowers. In the middle of the networks stick with a paper in another color.
Glue the butterfly eggs, use a hot glue gun. Ornaments in this way, all the eggs, changing the amount of , the layout and colors of butterflies. They will be present as well on white and colored eggs.

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