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How Christmas borscht

How to Make Christmas borscht has always been a good soup was a favorite soup in Poland

Since ancient times, a good soup was a favorite soup in Poland are mainly borscht plant that grows in our pastures, as a common weed, called borscht soup eaten so easily sharpen the appetite and relieving thirst after przepiciu ... acids relieves burakowym temperature. traditional Polish Christmas borscht cooked fish and mushrooms. following recipe comes from a practical manual kucharstwa How to Cook Disslowej Mary, a former director of the Lviv School of Home Economics.
Christmas borscht should be become traditions, clear and red.
Boil chopped vegetables, onions, mushrooms and beets as a whole, which is Polish borscht. You can put a fish head, add a bunch of dill, salt and minced garlic tooth. When
tail deformity, soft flavor, choose ear mushrooms, shredded beets, add acid, sugar beets and put the chopped beets.
for borscht had beautiful colors, colors can still Grated beets, then add salt, bring to boil, add the onions browned in butter.

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