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How to Make an Angel

How to make angel angel is a symbol of Christmas

angel is a symbol of Christmas and the angel should be at the top of the tree and because the angels are often shown as used in Christmas decorations Heres how to make a beautiful angel - ..
. When the template
Print or create your own side of the dashed line determines the location of bound together
Gather the necessary materials -. list -.
First, paint Styrofoam involved in the body color. You can add some glitter to the angels head is more shining.
Draw on eyes and mouth, the head angel.
Now draw a blush pink acrylic Farbka aniołkowi.
redraw technical paper and cut out.
redraw the same template on white fabric and cut, but would not section of the harbor.
Staple paper together to create a cone -. dress angel
Apply glue to the edges of the material
adhesive material on the paper at the top pressure inside it
Be creative and make a loop of wire on each. its end .. -. it will be in the hands of angels
Take a piece of white paper measuring approximately 7.5 x17, 5 cm, put on your creative wire, put one end of the adhesive material and place material in half so that the wire is in the middle.
sleeveless dress will be an angel.
Cut a piece of silver string, glue the two ends to form a circle KB
... and put the head angel - .. it will be a halo
Apply Glue on top of the cone and glue the head of an angels head stuck
well, you have to push the membrane around a minute
. br Apply glue to the center of the arms Wrap them
angel Try to hold your hands are stuck in the warmest part of the cone, ie . in the field of arms - .. children often hold hands on the waist -.
now decorate the angels dress young stars, sequins, stones and chains
Cut a piece of paper with notes -. so big to fit into an angel - ..
I put the angel on the timing, should be directed to the cherub face, but you can glue together two pieces of paper with notes on the timing, seen on both sides.
If you want to do aniołkowi wings can be cut with a napkin or cut off two of the artificial flower petals. Glue wings to back an angel.
ready. You can make more angels and attach it to the top of the tree.

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