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How wreaths for Halloween

As wreaths for Halloween, I recommend you to follow a simple and effective decoration for Halloween, which przystroi your room on Halloween night

recommend you to follow a simple and effective decoration for Halloween, which przystroi your stay in Halloween Night Below you will find instructions and forms for download
Click on the image above to enlarge and print white pages . cut it.
black trim piece on the size of the rectangle with sides of 9 cm, while the orange square on the size of 9.5 cm.
circle sticker cut out the middle black square, and black square sticker on the orange square, also puts him in the middle. Allow to dry, if you used glue.
using a scalpel incision in the upper part of the black squares on both sides. cuts fit bandwidth.
. br Arrange the squares in the word HAPPY HALLOWEEN, putting on one of the graphic image at the beginning and end of each word pictures organized in its sole discretion threads through the ribbon cut the ribbon to the back side of the square in the central part of the -. see Figure A better result, and thanks to larger, because the extra for the effort put into its preparation. Card immediately becomes sentimental value. So do not wait, make your loved one a card with just a pop elements
Select a card from a technical block in a color that will be your base -. Images are color is yellow -.
selected card cut in half.
deposit each half in half, as shown in Fig. One piece of the case aside.
At left, a complex piece of paper to make the cut as shown in Fig. They should be parallel to each other and form stripes
make four of these strips -. Total of 8 cuts - you can see in the picture - in different places - take pictures to see in which areas and which more or less the length of these cuts must be -. After all the cards
odgięciu tape should look at the photograph above
Of the remaining pieces of colored paper, cut out about 15-20 small balloons and one more -. color pages -. Glue small balloons greater - as shown - a marker and draw strings. Take one large church and two small balloons. Cut out the flag on which you will have the opportunity to write about what is done when the card
Place banner at another bar on the left side of the paper
large collection of balloons to keep the most forward projecting bar .. - Third from left to right -. The other two outer strips for bonding two other smaller groups of balloons. Wait until the glue dries.
Make ready paper. Create your
hook in the second third of the paper and glue together. View
will be made up like a balloon, when you close the card - not the sympathy I can not remember
So it should look up the card
In the same way you can make a card with flowers, or anything else .. .

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