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How to Make Meat hands on Halloween

How to Make Meat hands on Halloween Ha, I have something special

. Ha, I have something incredible I tried to do yesterday, and actually comes from a top notch Thus, the device with friends at a Halloween party Domówki, we want to make home decor and dishes imbued with a dark mood. So, yesterday I hand and tried to make the meat really came! Try and you. Im sure my friends will be delighted.
Raid hash as schnitzels. carrots finely wipe more, do the same with a small bow. carefully chop the parsley. combine with the meat by adding raw egg and crushed clove of garlic. Do not forget the gradual addition of breadcrumbs to the meat had the right consistency for molding. Remember, also, to be salt and pepper to taste.
As the meat is ready for shaping in his hand, as in Fig. why is it important that meat is a good texture. formed in handy to keep its shape.
onions make nails. After only powycinaj onion layers of nail shapes and ponakładaj them on hand.
Meanwhile, peel potatoes and put ugotowały them. How to cook and season them to taste them and make a puree.
back to the meat. As ponakładasz nail smear ketchup all.
Arrange slices of whole cheese.
bones put in place at the end odkrojoną whole onion. Once baked look very realistic.
Put in oven and sealed.
occupancy hand cooked mashed potatoes, also in the space between the fingers. Uwidocznisz time and more hands.
does not look very realistic ?

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