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Christmas cards and gifts, Christmas decorations, chocolates and candies for Easter, postcards from holidays.


How to Make a Christmas tree in the newspaper

How to Make a Christmas tree in the newspaper Replace the old magazines in color with beautiful Christmas trees

Replace the old magazines in color with beautiful trees, it requires a bit of work, accuracy and time, but this effect is worth Gazetowymi Christmas trees Decorate the house for the holidays
Open the newspaper and run it ... bend in different directions easily be able to manipulate the cards.
make the cover, which leads to the upper right corner of sheet back to the top was flush with the edge forming a triangle to the right.
do the same with every page of the book. Help yourself bookbinding cubes. One should be very careful that it is just beautiful and the Christmas tree.
Once you have completed the first part to give his hand a moment to rest and return to work.
Again, you must give each page of the newspaper. longest side of the triangle in the plane with the back of newspapers.
dobrniesz When the end give yourself a break again for a while. Unless you do not have. We are already on order.
At the bottom of the tree, make a small protruding triangle. need them now buried at the bottom of the generated code . You can get a flat bottom that can easily become a Christmas tree.
Voila! Christmas tree is ready. end bending boring.
Only now that the Christmas tree sprayed with glue and sprinkle glitter.
Allow to dry.

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