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How to make a wreath fellowship

How to make a wreath of community togetherness Prices additives often EQUAL wedding

communion additives often EQUAL wedding Heres how to make a wreath komunijnego - .. It looks wonderful and the price will not destroy your wallet
Using scissors, cut flower heads, leaving several inches of stem with the first leaves. Measure the circumference of the babys head and cut the wire leaving the right amount of 2-3 cm to be bound. tie wire in the circuit.
starting with the largest flowers begin to be secured to the wheel with floral tape.
Connect the biggest flower in the first place. Try to maintain equal distances between flowers. In this case, included only three large flowers, but it depends on your taste.
attaches flowers stretch floral tape. With traction on the tape will stick better and keep the crown.
Start add smaller flowers. leaders of some of the flowers attached facing each other.
Start fasten the smallest flowers that will serve as a filling for a crown.
At the end of a small flower in a different color.
Take the ribbon or beaded satin finished and wrap it around the wreath interspersed among the flowers, in order to fully cover the floral tape. drop of glue ends of ribbon and hot glue a bow tie.
Cut about 80-90 cm wide tulle.
tulle in half and deposit tied up with string. Add beads, finished with satin ribbons, udrapuj and needle and thread to sew the crown.
attach a wreath to the hair with pins. Almost!

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