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How to chickens with hard boiled eggs

In chickens with hard boiled eggs looking for easy recipes for Easter and if so, is the right place

. Call us for the simple recipes for Easter and if so, is the right place This chicken salad, you can decorate Easter or give as a snack between meals these birds can be a great gift -. Package them in wytłaczankę, tied ribbon and youre done!
Cook boiled eggs. Make sure the eggs do not cook too long to not make the green. You do not want green chicken? right? Well, unless it is Halloween time. in the last 3 minutes of cooking an egg toss thinly sliced ​​carrots. After cooking, peel the eggs.
yolk is closer to the flat part of the egg, so the cut should be closer to this page. Dawn of the eggs will be the bottom of the chicken. Take a small knife with a sharp end. Hold the knife by the blade and make shallow cut around the protein in a zig-zag form, you must be very careful not to cut the yolk of one egg leave a whole - will be a chicken ..
Gently pull the top part of the protein -. flat-end -. If you do not want to go then check if the cut is so deep that it completely eliminates the protein - rather than cutting the yolk - ... As we reveal the top of the yolk Rub oil if they do not do it the yolk begins to dry out and crack
beaks of chickens to do with carrots Cut to the Crescent you can cut with a knife or an apple to drylownikiem
Press thin two months - ... chicken beaks in each of the yolk if you have a problem with the mother spout attachment - KWOC, then you can use as an adhesive
mayonnaise olives cut eye with drinking straws
eyes can do with nori - seaweed for sushi .. -. In this case it was them, you can use the punch excision
eyes glued to chickens and chicken with a little mayonnaise and toothpicks for arms
mother - ... hen do with thin slices of pepper It is good to make a small incision and insert the proteins into pepper in them.
Insert pisklaki and mother hen to the egg Covers. Almost!

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