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How to make a gift for Valentines Day Heart of Wax

How to make a gift for Valentines Day

So come paint my world in yellow and blue, let the sky will paint their crayon Rainbow / em can melt crayons in this charming Valentine heart.? Original idea and not hard to do With . Valentines Day - that my world of color would be the perfect gift for a loved one on Valentines Day If you like this idea, I invite you to read
.. Collect all the wax pencil. you have in your home Break a paper label
Group colored pencils -. blue with blue, green with green, etc. -.
hobby knife, cut into small pieces of colored pencils . br
If you want to make something great of heart, silicone molds to the bottom of the embankment a little glitter - half one teaspoon of the heart -. Fill the molds with crayons sliced ​​about 1/3 volume - but it all depends on the depth of the mold -.
Insert mold preheated to 175 ° C oven. Bake for 15 minutes, until the wax is not dissolved. careful not to burn, remove the form from the oven and leave to cool. If you want, gently stir the wax to get a mix of colors. Wait about 20 minutes until the wax does not solidify. After this time, gently remove the heart silicone molds and leave to cool completely.
card stock paper cut out as many hearts as the heart of wax. hearts cardboard should be about 2x higher. You can cut them by hand or use for this purpose a large decorative punch. some hearts adorn the edges of corrugated edge scissors.
every heart broke cotton threads in the appropriate color for him. put them in the middle of the Heart of the box Report Card heart ... Valentine - gives color my world Trailers heart buckle, such as string or wheel as shown in the picture above
If you have any old wheel, you can paint them white spray paint and attached to the heart as shown in the picture above. You can also hang them on a piece of string or a stick of hard cardboard, creating a poster .

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