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How to keep New Years resolutions

How to keep New Years resolutions every year, many of us wakes up in the first January with the intent to major changes in your life

Every year, many of us wakes up in the first January with the intention of his major life change, of course, change for the better change to correct us, to help us live better, nicer, easier ... and indeed for some time We managed to retain these provisions. If we have a strong will and we can not even hold a jam more than others. research shows, however, that statistically we hold in our provision for mid-March. Then slowly return to our old habits and patterns. How do I avoid it? What do you persist in our order as long as possible, often for good? Try and remember the following methods of self-discipline.
u realize that in January the day as each other. / u You May, and decide to end a bad habit, or spend a good than any other day of the year. However, for most of our new year, new order, a new beginning. However, in January, only gives us a new year, then it is easier to remember when counting how many dates already wytrzymaliśmy our decision. thinks this date as a way to change, not promises.
u Be precise. / u Order must be specific and precise manner. In Otherwise youll do yourself an alibi and an excuse for pulling the various deficiencies in the gaps in provision. If you want to make more friends, spend more time with family and friends, your order can not read I have to lose weight I will live a healthier life - it is too general formulation Bet on the specifics. I go to yoga / aerobics / pilates / gym, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 1.5 liters a day is still water, and Ill lie down for 23. These are the reality. concrete can be more difficult to maintain, but equally difficult to wriggle out of them and justified. always hit the jackpot.
u print orders. / u When thinking about what you want to change, make a decision and call them the best if you store them away. will be easier them to remember, especially if you have a few. be the next also explain why most of the points you want to change something. It must be the explanation, which will always talk to you in moments of weakness.
u focus on one thing at a time / u. Rather than spend a few changes, and introduces them one by one. So you have the opportunity to exercise them. change a few things at the same time, you end up that May does not really change anything. will try to control many things in one time, you get tired or surpass it. totally unnecessary. Do you plan to share what they want to change in stages and spread them throughout the year. So, you have the opportunity to focus on things and put it into practice. Once youve managed to put the rhythm of your item, and then slowly add the following. And so one after another.
u Be realistic. / u Do not make rules that are doomed to failure. If you know that nothing in the world not to give up some things or activities do not decide to change, especially if it brings no harm to your health, mood and does not interfere with the functioning of society. you will become tired, fight with each other, and eventually lost a decision. disagree or impossible, we all know that do not lose weight 20 pounds in a month. will not make the day go to the gym. Take a job that is feasible. point is not that it is very easy, but here is not to break, once a week or two, it seems that our will is poor. It is known that at one time not quit smoking, drinking, biting nails, hamburgers, for all you do not start moving more and spend more time with family and friends. Such a plan from above is doomed to fail.
u Think positive, forward. / u Fight habit is not easy, quick and easy. If so you should preferably legs, do not take it as a failure, and approval for further enjoyment. Because if the time, that is, the will be the second and tenth. This is not true. If not treated as a further blow to the mobilization. Think positive, do not give up. Rise up, not fall. Well, if you share your struggle with addiction to the stage. If it involves removing a large amount of candy consumed do not give up on them immediately, they will experience a shock. Begin, for example, refusal to eat sweets on even days, say a month. After a month, replace these days, or weeks, it allows sweets on weekends only. But this does not mean that that in order to have a weekend pass of making material for the next week. In any case, you will see that eventually, youll have less desire for sweets. gradually to replace a meal of candy, fruit, vegetables or nuts.
System nagródi penalties. / u

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